Tar and Chip Surfacing in Cambridge

Tar & Chip Surfacing Contractors in Cambridgeshire

Tar and Chip surfacing is one of the most effective surfacing options that people choose from to achieve safe and beautiful driveways and roads. We at Cambside Surfacing Company provide the best Tar and Chip surfacing services to meet all your needs and requirements. Our Tar and Chip mix improves your driveways quality, appearance, and longevity with the proper upgraded equipment and the right raw materials.

Making the perfect Tar and Chip surface mix is the opposite of the asphalt surface mix. In asphalt surfacing, the gravel is poured down first. But in the Tar and Chip surface mix, the tar and liquid asphalt solution are poured down over a base surface, followed by a layer of loose stones that fit perfectly into the hot liquid asphalt.

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The Advantages of Tar and Chip Surfacing

Many people are switching from gravel and concrete driveways to tar and chip surfacing options. Are you curious to know why? Well, read on to find out the reasons.

Tar and Chip Contractors in Cambridge
Tar and Chip Contractors in Cambridge Tar and Chip Contractors in Ely
  1. It is easier to maintain

Unlike asphalt and other surfaces, which require a good maintenance plan and must be checked from time to time to ensure their durability, tar and chip surfaces call for less care and maintenance. The rougher you go on them, the more firmly they will set to the ground tar. You do not have to run coats or recoats frequently to maintain its appearance as well. The molten asphalt mix naturally takes care of the minute damages.

  1. Its rough texture aids to safety

A tar and chip surface is not as smooth as the asphalt surface. Which is a good thing in wet and snowy weather? Smooth surfaces will make you prone to unnecessary mishaps and accidents. It will provide a stable and firm ground for your vehicle to stand on. Its rough texture provides you with maximum grip, making the surface less slippery. Smooth surfaces are not always good. Sometimes being hard and rough can save the day.

Why choose Cambside Surfacing for tar and chip surfacing services in Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas

We Cambside Surfacing provide cost-effective and reliable tar and chip surfacing services. Along with this, we even provide other related roads, pavement, and driveway surfacing services. Repair and replacement services are also included in some of our package bundles. We have been in this field for years and have the skilled professionals to make surfacing stress and hassle-free. Avail of our tar and chip surfacing services to make your driveways look rustic and beautiful, giving your guests something to talk about.

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