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Why Is Asphalt Best for Commercial Properties? – Quick Guide by Driveway Installers Suffolk

If your business is running a restaurant, bar, merchants or your business has a large office premises, then you may need a place to allow the parking slot for staff/customers. That means countless vehicles and foot traffic will come to your campus every day. Managing these requirements will require a breathable driveway surface that can survive tons of loads in all kinds of weather. Several materials are available in the market and used by the Driveway Installers Suffolk, but why is asphalt so special? Let’s look at the benefits, maintenance, and other aspects to choose the best paving material for your commercial space.

4 Reasons To Choose Asphalt For Business Driveways

Asphalt – For a Smooth Driving Surface

As your Professional Driveway Installers in Suffolk we recommend using asphalt surfacing at your commercial premises because it is less noisy whilst driving vehicles over it with no displacement. Also, having a rough surface produces less friction and gives a smooth driving experience to your customers. If a high volume of vehicles enters your premises every day comes tolerating the noise is a tough task especially gravel. But with asphalt surfacing you won’t need to compromise with the noisy environment.

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Take Less Time To Dry

Takes Less Time To Dry Asphalt is installed at a higher temperature than most surfaces but cooldowns quicker. Once the material is heated/melted it is filled in 6-8 inches depth after creating the base for the paving. Asphalt material takes only a couple of days to dry the poured material completely to give a lifespan of around 25-30 years to the driveway. The installation speed and turn around time to be used is key to its popular image.

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Requires Less Maintenance

Requires Less Maintenance Compared to other driveway materials like concrete, gravel, and others, asphalt requires less maintenance and less time to repair. Contacting Cambside Surfacing as your experienced Driveway Installers in Suffolk means that we can not only install from nee but also repair should you require. Quite often repairing the asphalt is enough to rejuvenate the surface area and to keep it looking like new.


Weather Resistance

Another reason for using asphalt for commercial purposes are, it is weather resistant. The rough surface can easily melt winter falls and survive in heavy rainfall as well. At the same time, the asphalt driveways can also resist the extremely hot temperature without cracking the surface.

How can you prevent Asphalt driveways from damaging?

You spend a huge amount on creating a driveway for your home and commercial places. There is no doubt that you won’t want it to be long lasting.

Doing proper care can prevent the asphalt driveways from severe damages. By making a proper drainage system, highlighting the parking slots and edges will preserve the paving quality and give more durability. Also, the marking will help the drivers to park at the right places.

What are the signs to Repair Asphalt Driveways?

If your surface is used by numerous vehicles every day, you could see some cracking over the surface after a few years. How ever if not maintained you may see patches and holes appear sooner making it more work to repair. That’s why it is always recommended to contact the best Driveway Installers Suffolk for preventative maintenance. Every effort is made on installation to ensure you get the longest life possible from your surface but heavy traffic, weight and extreme weather can take its toll. So for a quality repair service please get in contact.