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Give Your Paving A Luxury Feel – Ultimate Guide By Driveway Installers in Norfolk

Creating a nice interior is incomplete without contorting the exterior. We often focus on colours for rooms, trendy tiles for the floors, wallpapers, and other materials that need to enhance a house’s beauty. But we do not pay attention to the exteriors and try to finish the pathways and patios.

4 Ways To Decorate Your Paving To Give It The Wow Factor

Creating a nice driveway and pathways around your home can be a costly investment. So, why don’t you go with the affordable and durable surface finishes and then decorate it with props that can match your interior and give a catchy look at the same time! As your trusted Driveway Installers in Norfolk, you can get detailed ideas about the trending paving available in different shades, designs, and styles.  If you have already installed a nice driveway, then jump to the below section.

However, if you have recently created your home or office building, contact us for high quality Driveway Installers Norfolk. We can give you a budget-friendly quote for installing superb driveways and pathways at your required location.

Indian Sandstone Patios in Cambridge, Ely and Thetford

Keep It Clean

Make a schedule for cleaning your pathways every weekend or an alternate weekend. I know it is a hectic task, but it would be easier once you use a high-pressure washing pipe to spread water over the driveways. If you have a huge area, start with one end and slowly reach the other corner to clean the paving perfectly.


Add Edging Or Fencing

Creating a schedule or periodic cleaning of your pathways can keep them looking like new. I know it is a hectic task, but it would be easier once you use a high-pressure washing system to spread water over the driveways and break up the algae/debris. If you have a huge area, start with one end and slowly reach the other corner to clean the paving perfectly. The process is highly rewarding and we can offer this service for you.

Indian Sandstone Patios in Cambridge, Ely and Thetford

Put A Fountain

Installing a water feature Based on the length and width of driveways, you can choose small to big sizes of the fountains/water features to install in the middle or the side areas. Putting some decorative lightning effects over the fountain will add charm in the evening time.

Plant Some Flowers

Plant Some Decorative flowers and shrubs. Everyone enjoys seeing a nice selection of flowers, and passing through the chain of flower pots is a pleasant moment. As the alternative to edging or fencing, you can plan to install some small and larger pots with a collection of aromatic flowers and shrubbery.

To give a glamorous look to your exterior, consider the above-given ideas. However, if you are still looking for the best Driveway Installers in Norfolk then please contact us. We will help you with more stunning ideas to decorate your drive and pathways. Also, we can help you in choosing the best quality paving materials that will match your open area. At the same time, it won’t be a nastic expanse on repairing. That means you can get the ideas to install weather resistant and long-lasting driveways for commercial or residential purposes.


We offer a free no-obligation quote to replace your driveway or create a beautiful new Patio. Please request an estimate and we will contact you to arrange a visit  and provide you with an unbeatable price 

Helpful Advice

We are always available to offer you friendly and helpful advice regarding any new driveway or proposed patio.

You can also call us on 01223667349  for immediate attention.


Cambside Surfacing and Patios provide a professional and totally reliable driveway and Patio installation service to homeowners in the Hartley Wintney, Hook and Fleet areas. We are experienced and proud of our workmanship and welcome any invitation to quote now or in the future.

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