block paved driveway installer in Cambridge

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Cambside Surfacing has been providing prompt quality block paved driveway construction services for decades. Using only the best quality blocks and ensuring a quality base is prepared before installation. If you are looking for a surfacing company that would build you the best block paved driveway, then contact us today for a free quotation and we assure you that you will get the driveway you desire.

How do we work?

Preparation- before starting our work, we make sure to come up with a solid plan. The construction drawing is prepared by our expert so that you will be happy with the dimensions and layout.  Having a good layout is very crucial in building the perfect block paved driveway, and we make sure to give you the best layout.  We make sure to take care of all the gas, electricity, TV cable before the work.

block paved driveway installer in Therford
block paved driveway installer in Therford
  • Alignment and compliance

After bricklaying, we check the alignment with an alignment tool and adjust it if necessary. Clay pavers often need realignment. You can choose any type of block material.

  • Cutting and jointing

We cut the unnecessary blocks that come in the way. Then spread the jointing sand over the blocks using a soft brush to strengthen the joints.

block paved driveway installer in Cambridge
  • We are insured

Accidents can happen during the construction work, and we take full responsibility for it. In case of any accidents, we will cover all the damage. And we guarantee our work that means we have the full confidence and skills to make the best block paved driveway.

  • Experience

We know that experience matters the most, and if you are looking for a highly experienced company, then we are the one. Our company has years of experience in offering block paved driveway construction work. our team members are trained and experienced.

If you are looking for a block-paving specialist in Cambridge Park View Resin Driveways & Patios can help. Our experienced, expert Driveway Contractors in Cambridge have been rebuilding driveways for homeowners and business owners for more than two decades.

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